In this Blog a story about a girl named Saebi will evolve over the time. (The name is related to the celtic translation of the word falcon/hawk – Saebhac). Saebi is growing up in a region with many small island and juicy green graslands, where the connection to the main land is only possible with boats or helicopters. In the summer Saebi is taking care about sheeps on on of these islands with here trusted dog Langolf, but she will be more and more involved into a world of magic between the world of dreams and the real world. She will need to learn to fight against the influences of the dream world and she needs to find her way between these two worlds. The main animals in these story will be crows and hawks, but please let yourself be brought into a fantastic world of a story, that will have from step to step more and more influence on the live of Saebi and her father.

I wish my readers a lot of fun with the story and I will advance the story from time to time with new chapters.

Your author.

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